Course curriculum

    1. Introduction To User Requirements

    2. What's A Requirement

    3. How To Categorise Requirements

    1. Understanding The Requirement Timeline

    2. How to Run Requirement Interviews

    3. How To Run A Requirement Workshop

    1. How To Analyse User Requirements

    2. How To Develop Use Case Models

    3. How To Develop Process Models

    4. How To Break Down User Requirements

    5. How To Prioritise Requirements

    6. Requirement Prioritisation Techniques

    1. How To Document Your Requirements

    2. How To Use A Requirement Catalogue

    3. How To Write Better Requirement Statements

    4. How To Write Better User Stories

    5. How To Write Better Use Case Descriptions

    6. How To Write Better Acceptance Criteria

    1. How To Validate Requirements

    2. Requirement Validation Techniques

    1. How To Manage Requirement Change Request

    2. Understanding The Change Management Process

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